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i miss my girlfriend

she is gorgeous!

favorite person ever

fish tacos and rugburn

yesterday school was okay. i went into english all confident because i like the class then he said TURN IN YOUR READING CARDS. Then panic settled in. Everyone looked around the room to see if anyone had done them. Only about three did. Thank god the teacher is nice and said that this one won't count as a grade. I always turn my stuff in on time. I just felt like a loser. Spencer, Amber's boyfriend from Kentucky, is back in town. Apparently Amber fucked her car up over the weekend so Spencer has to drive her to school so that meant i got to spend my five hour break with Amber's boyfriend. He is pretty funny though so it wasn't too bad. Then around 11:40 we went to El Charro and i ate like a pig! After school I hung out with Tyler and he meet Anthony and his friends for dinner. Anthony is like so clingy. Then as we were about to leave Anthony like walked Tyler to the car and started like intense making out with him and i was just kind of like so shit what do i do? I was like i don't want to watch but i don't want like stare out the window so Tyler like pushed him away and got in the car because he didn't want me to feel awkward. Anthony is like really nice to me too. I guess he just wants to impress Tyler. Well i'm off to an exciting day today because its tuesday which means i have art appreciation and history, my two favorite subjects! Oh yeah on Sunday i hung out with Tyler and my be fri, Linaka. We went bowling and my name was fish taco and Tyler was rugburn. The reason his name was rugburn was because he got rugburn on his face from getting a blow job haha.


i really hate my job and a lot of other people there hate their job too. I know this because two of the shift managers quit in a week! Now we are always short staffed and it is so hard. Plus i get yelled at at least once a day. This one man was like crazy, he was screaming at me saying this is the worst service he has ever had and that he will never come back so right in the middle of his yelling at me i stared at him and slowly closed the window. I could hear him cussing at me through the window lol. Me, Amber and Tyler ran into this gay and his weird friend at ihop around 1am and now Tyler and the gay one are like lovers. The good thing is that the weird is moving out and anthony is looking for a new roomate and i don't think i would have to pay rent and omg that would be amazing!! i'm getting excited just writing about it but i don't want to get my hopes up so i won't think about it anymore. I think tonight me and tyler are spending the night so i'll talk to him about it then. Well last night me, linaka, and tyler all went bowling and i totally schooled tyler. i think he won once by like 5 points. There was also this really creepy who kept trying to talk to me eh it made me feel really uncomfortable.

Aug. 16th, 2009


god she's gorgeous!


yesterday morning my work kept calling me to try to get me to come in at 9am inside of 11am. hell no. well yesterday i worked for like four hours and i got my check of 157 dollars ! then after work me and linaka drove to johnny's pizza to play trivia with amber and jodi. our waitress was like really slow and kind of snobby. Then the trivia started and it was so hard but by the end of the second round we were in 2nd place. then derrick came and helped us a little bit. By the last round of the game we looked at our scoreboard and we only had like 37 points. Then when he was saying who placed. 5th place was like 14 points. 4th place was like 18 points. anyway so 2nd place was like 38 points so we thought that he just didn't put us on or that we didn't place. then it turns out we were in 1st place!!!!!!!!! it was crazy we were so suprised. so at work i had to work 6 hours without a break and it was like non stop busy. it sucked sooo bad.
today i am off work thank god and i have the whole house to myself
oh what shall i do ? :>